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Lumineer Studio is an independent design consultancy providing a comprehensive range of lighting design services. Our designers are motivated, ambitious and creative individuals with a passion for light and design, and are committed to delivering innovative and intelligent lighting solutions. We endeavour to create tailored solutions that achieve the client’s vision, utilising energy efficient new technologies and sustainable design practices.

We are a scalable and nimble design consultancy, continually transforming the way we work to provide our clients the optimal service. We work on small scale projects such as boutique retail and private residences through to large scale such as international class 60,000-seat football stadiums.  We work on projects around the world and in recent years have been involved in projects in the U.S.A., Kazakhstan, Qatar, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, U.A.E., and the United Kingdom.


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Lumineer Studio embraces an agile working philosophy. Our designers often work at home, in coffee shops or even join our clients in their office. This work approach allows our designers to adapt to project requirements and work in an environment that is most productive for their needs.


For general correspondence, please use the following contact details.

T:  +44 (0) 7825751659


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